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Design: A Lovely Couple

(January 2011) Designer Francesco Lucchese develops new ideas for cohabitation of living plants and natural stone

Ticket to the time-machine

(January 2011) In the French region of Burgundy, milestones take us back in time to the Romans and post Roman times

Design: Imaging marble as „young and modern“

(January 2011) Italian-based Decormarmi is seeking to renew the image for stone and hopes to conquer new consumers

Architecture/Design: Touch-stones for hand and foot

(December 2010) Every stone trade fair experiences it time and again: A stone that is aesthetically pleasing almost magnetically attracts beholders to touch it. Could the stone branch make use of this property?

Design: Message on the curb

(December 2010) „ABC-curbs“ and boulder-sinks at the Polish competition for design students

Design: Geometric dissection and beyond

(November 2010) Italian Company designs tiles to mix and match creating new patterns in colours and surface structure

Design: Breakthrough for Stone

(October 2010) Marmomacc Meets Design shows innovative stone walls never before thought possible

Design: at least 3 decades durability

(October 2010) French company uses lava slabs as tourist information boards

Design: Product composed like a song

(September 2010) The Italian-based Lithos Design has made a name for itself with innovative design

Design: Lovely outdoors (1)

(August 2010) City furniture requires considerable skills from its designers: it must be robust and simple while being functional and aesthetically pleasing so they will be used, not abused. Allow us to present some recent works

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