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Design: Inlays for Azerbaijan

(June 2010) Turkish company delivers high value products to East-European markets

Design: Musical granite benches

(June 2010) Warsaw stone installations commemorate the composer Frédéric Chopin

Design: Forceful lines on slate

(May 2010) Italian firm markets natural stone tiles as works of art

Design: Highlights for the top market segment

(March 2010) Fantini Mosaici is a world-renown Italian Company which looks back on century-old tradition

Design: Waterways in Granite

(March 2010) Map of Chesapeake Bay Watershed in the forecourt of Baltimore’s National Aquarium

Design: Cobblestones as a monitor

(February 2010) The combination of natural stone and light allows access to innumerable markets in many branches

Design: Let her rip!

(February 2010) A touch of class for the bathroom: sinks and bathtub drains made of stone

Design: Keeping an eye on the high end market

(January 2010) Turkish Silkar Company offers a complete service package for projects and products with its Akdo brand

Design: Size doesn’t matter

(December 2009) Italian firm launches new idea for natural-stone-tiles

Design: New Shapes of Water

(December 2009) Design-contest for new talents for works combining white Carrara marble with glass

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