(March 2012) Export increase by +4.1% value was the result at the end of QIII/2011 for the Italian stone industry. Export by volume, on the other hand, saw a decrease (-4.7%). The Carrara region suffered as a result of civil unrest in Egypt and Libya according to Internazionale Marmi e Macchine in their current newsletter. Current theme is also the development of the stone industry in Nigeria.

Latest news: The Spanish fair Piedra (May, 8-11) offers its exhibitors’ guests free travel und free accommodation in Madrid. The terms of the offer depend on the size of the booth. (Spanish)

Onyx lamps reminiscent of mushrooms in the forest by Marbreries Kaiser. (French)

Ophiophobics, had better not look up this page http://www.inah.gob.mx/images/stories/Multimedia/Fotogalerias/2012/Febrero/templo_mayor/demo/templo_mayor.html#img/foto10.jpg depicting one of the lava plates archaeologists recently discovered in the historic centre of Mexico City. (Spanish)

Increased precision in calibration of sedimentary stone is the result of a new method developed by scientists at the University of Vienna, in which a cross-correlation between insulation intensities and a combination of sedimentary characters is used to determine the precise time calibration of sedimentary cycles.

Sandatlas is the name of a portal dedicated to sand in all its manifestations

Whereas US-American and European economies are currently in recession, construction industry is thriving in other parts of the world, as shows the building boom in sky-scrapers.

Video of the month: Urban Climbing (1, 2).