Stone Sculpture Symposia / Festivals

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New: 7ème Symposium international de sculpture de Durbuy (See below)
New: „Saul under the Influence of the Evil Spirit“ by William Wetmore Story at the North Carolina Museum of Art (see report)
New: Application open for the 11th Symposium de sculpture contemporaine, Julienne, France. The theme is „Harmony“ (see below)
New: Application open for the 7th Intl Kunstdünger e.V. Sculpture Symposium in June/July 2019 in Valley close to Munich, Germany (see below)




24th Aswan Intl Sculpture Symposium 2019

[Symposium for professionals]

Egypt, Aswan, January 19 – March 09, 2019

West Cork Stone Symposium 2019


Ireland, Kilcrohane, County Cork, March 22 – 24, 2019,

11th Magic of Marble Festival


USA, Sylacauga, AL, April 02 – 13, 2019
Registration open


3rd European Stone Stacking Championship

[Festival for balancing stones]

UK, Scotland, Dunbar, April 20 – 21, 2019, annual

European Stone Stacking Championship

7ème Symposium international de sculpture de Durbuy 2019

[Symposium for professionals]

Belgium, Durbuy, April 21 – 28, 2019

11th Magic of Marble Festival


USA, Sylacauga, AL, May 02 – 19, 2019
Registration open


27e Festival Internat. de Sculpture Camille Claudel

[Symposium for professionals]

France, La Bresse, May 25 – 02 June, 2019,


8ème Fête de la Pierre


France, St Germain Nuelles, Beaujolais,

  Logo_Fete-de-la Pierre-Beaujolais

Indiana Limestone Symposium 2019

[Workshop for amateurs]

USA, Bloomington, IN, June 02 – 22, 2019, annual

25. Internationales Bildhauer Symposium

[Symposium for professionals]

Switzerland, Sur-En,


7. Intl Kunstdünger e.V. Sculpture Symposium

[Symposium for professionals]

Germany, Valley/Hohendilching close to Munich, June 30 – July 13, 2019
Application open: send Mail with self-introduction in English or German


European Stone Festival 2019

[Symposium for stonemasons]

Norway, Trondheim, June 21 – 23, 2019, annual


26. Internat. Bildhauersymposium „Kunst in Stein“

[Symposium for professionals]

Germany, Wunsiedel, July 03 – 09, 2019, annual


Święto Granitu Strzegomskiego 2019

[Symposium for professionals]

Poland, Strzegom


Réalmont Stone Sculpture Symposium

[Symposium for professionals]

France, Boissezon

Sculto 2019

[Fair for Contemporary Stone Sculptures]

Spain, Logroño (La Rioja)


Wells Stone Carving Festival


UK, Wells, Somerset

Camp Pilgrim Firs

[Workshop for amateurs]

USA, Port Orchard, WA, July 06 – 14, 2019


XXVII. Symposium Intl de Sculpture sur Pierre

[Symposium for professionals]

France, Menet, July 16 – 26, 2019


17th Intl Symposium of Monumental Sculpture

[Symposium for professionals]

France, Oudon, August 04 – 18, 2019, biennial
Application open (1, 2) until February, 01, 2019


Biennale de la Pierre 2019

[Symposium for professionals]

France, Marc La Tour (Correze), August 2019, biennial

12. Bildhauersymposium

[Symposium for professionals]

Germany, Schweinstal, Krickenbach, 2019


11. Symposium de sculpture contemporaine

[Symposium for professionals]

France, Julienne, September 09 – 22, 2019
Application open until March 01, 2019


4. Internationales Steinbildhauersymposium

[Symposium for professionals]

Austria, Waidhofen/Thaya


Camp Suttle Lake

[Workshop for amateurs]

USA, Sisters, OR, August 11 – 18, 2019


York Minster Stone Carving Festival 2019


UK, York, England,

XII Intl Symposium on Alabaster Sculpture

[Symposium for professionals]

Spain, Albalate del Arzobispo, biennial

Sculpture Saint John

[Symposium for professionals]

Canada, Saint John, NB, annual


5th Bisanthe Stone Sculpture Symposium

[Symposium for professionals]

Turkey, Tekirdag,


4th International Sculpture Symposium

[Symposium for professionals]

Israel, Rishon LeZion,


7th Intl Izmir Sculpture Workshop

[Symposium for professionals]

Turkey, Izmir,


2nd Kyiv Intl Sculpture Smposium

[Symposium for professionals]

Kyiv, Ucraine,


Simpósio Sul-Americano de Esculturas Parque Malwee

[Symposium for professionals]

Brazil, Juraguá do Sul, S.C.,

The III. Monumental Sculpture Symposium in Calatarao

[Symposium for professionals]

Spain, Calatarao, Zaragoza province,

5th Intl Adana Sculpture Symposium 2019

[Symposium for professionals]

Turkey, Adana,

16th Intl Alanya Stone Sculpture Symposium 2019

[Symposium for professionals]

Turkey, Alanya, /em>


Te Kupenga Intl Stone Sculpture Symposium

[Symposium for professionals]

New Zealand, New Plymouth, End of December 2019 – begin of January 2020
Application will open in February 2019



International Sculpture Symposium

[Symposium for professionals]

Czech Republic, Horice, July 01 – 26, 2020, biennial
Application open until the end of 2019


Bienal Internacional de Esculturas

[Symposium for professionals]

Argentina, Chaco, biennial


2e Symp. intl de sculpture contemporaine monumentale sur marbre

[Symposium for professionals]

France, Béziers,



Rencontres Internationales de Sculpture Monumentale

[Symposium for professionals]

Belgium, Soignies, triennial

7th Biennal Intl de Escultura en Piedra

[Symposium for professionals]

Bolivia, La Paz, biennial


Sculpting courses

Portland Sculpture & Quarry Trust

[Stone Carving and Sculpture Courses]

United Kingdom, Dorset, Portland


Fondazione Arkad

[Sculpting workshops, trainigs, symposiums, conferences, performances, 
cultural exchange]

Italy, 55047 Seravezza LU


Scuola di Scultura

[Sculpting courses in stone, metal, wood, drawing courses,
further training, seminars in art history]

Switzerland, CH-6695 Peccia, Vallemaggia – Ticino


Arco Arte

[Learn to sculpt / Sculpture studio since 1990]

Italy, 54033 Carrara MS

Sax Stonecarving

[Stonecarving workshop for all levels] 
2018: June 23 - 29, 2018, August 11 - 17

USA, New Mexico, Rinconada