Noticias breves

Euroroc News (2/16): new definitions for 25.15, 25.16 etc; Crystalline Silica; Smart CE-marking

Latest news about important topics for the stone sector which are being discussed in Brussels

Ecuador earthquake caused death toll of at least 500

Along the Pacific coast the Nazca plate subducts (submerges) under the South American plate

Euroroc News (1/16): Emotions as a tool to promote natural stone

Professor Gerd Merke, General Secretary: Stone sector should point out that its material is „true, native and 100% natural“

Latest news: Unesco inscribes Marble Craftsmanship from Greece in List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage

Tradition and stone-sculptors’ knowhow as cultural values / An example how to reach Geographical Indications?


Briefly noted: new stone fair in Portugal in May this year

(March 2013) The city of Batalha about 100 km North of Lisbon will host „Stone“ from May 16 to 19, 2013