Questions & Answers

In brief:

If you want to present your new stones internationally, the STONE FINDER (StonF)
is the right tool for you, just as it is if you want to promote your entire product range on
individual target markets.

Because it is a b2c-tool, it is primarily aimed at architects, designers, artists, and
end consumers.

Last but not least, it is free of charge and makes it very easy for potential customers
to contact you.

Only basic information about your stones is presented. There are also photos showing
the material in use.

For a presentation – free of charge, as already mentioned – you only need to enter
the information in our form and send us a good photos – we will do the rest. We will be
happy to send you the form on request (e-mail to Peter Becker

Please note: only the “producers“ of the stones, i.e. quarry operators, can present
their own varieties with us. Wholesalers and dealers must place advertisements.

Detailed information below:

What is it?
The STONE FINDER (StonF) is a b2c-database
in which mainly end-users, i.e., architects, designers, sculptors, and private individuals,
search for natural stones.

Trust is a key feature of our platform:
* We are independent of producers and suppliers, we do not buy stones and we do not
sell them. We make the market clear for everyone involved.
* However, we do control the database: only quarry companies can post their stones
on our platform. To do this, they have to fill in a form and send us basic information
about their stones. We then put this information online. This procedure guarantees
that the providers are real companies in the sector who have been in the business
for a while and will be for some time to come.

How much does it cost?
* In the initial phase of the database, it is free for quarriers to enter their
stones in the database. When we have reached a “critical mass“ of around
300 to 400 entries, we will start promoting the STONE FINDER – then we will
charge a processing fee per entry.
For those searching for stones in the database, research will remain free of charge.
No registration, no membership, no contributions are required from users.

How is the database financed?
Through advertisements that interested parties can place on the pages, for
example manufacturers of cleaning materials or stone care, etc.

How can readers remember the stones they like?
In every Internet program (browser) there is a “Bookmarks“ tab at the top
of the menu. Click on it and save the page with the stone you liked.
This means that all the information remains with you – we do not collect
any information about the users of the database!

Who runs the database?
The STONE FINDER is a service provided by, the international
online magazine for topics relating to natural stone. Our reports focus on ideas
on what can be done with stone in architecture, interior design, product design
and art. We currently have around 25,000 visitors per month to our pages.

Contact: Peter BECKER, Mail