Eurostat publishes for 37 countries in Europe their Gross Domestic Product per capita, Consumption per capita and Price Level Indices

In individual consumption, Luxembourg is ahead followed by Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Denmark, the UK and Belgium

The German Natural Stone Award (DNP) was awarded for the 19th time

Prizes went to sustainable projects that demonstrate high architectural quality and energy-saving construction methods

Three lavish residencies for worldwide artists who are interested in a cooperation with scientists researching aesthetic liking and aesthetic preferences

Participants may start a new project or continue on older one, during 3 months in Frankfurt/Main, Germany at the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics

Chris Booth places really big stone sculptures in the landscape and makes even the smallest things visible

The New Zealand sculptor and land art artist draws inspiration for his work from the proximity, nature and the local history

After the assassination of Caesar, a volcanic eruption in Alaska caused a worldwide weather anomaly which contributed to the end of the Roman Republic

For a few years, there were crop failures, famine, and disease exacerbating social unrest and around the Mediterranean

50 million € loan for Biesse Group from BNL BNP Paribas

The Bank is supporting the Italian company in carrying out investments to reduce CO2 emissions, increase the use of renewable energy and to protect the health and safety of workers

Apprentice prizes awarded by the Federal Association of Austrian Stonemasons

The competition offers young people the opportunity to try out design tools and present their creative work to the public

Pure Talents Contest at imm Cologne 2021: chances for young talents working in the field of furniture to show their ideas to the world

In the LivingKitchen Selection in coming January, also concepts and objects for the wide range of cooking at home will be awarded

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