Bulgarian sculptor Rafail Georgiev creates monumental sculptures with a playful element

In his works he deals with the “relationship between man as logos (rationality) and nature as chaos (irrationality)“

The architects of Karavan Landskapsarkitekter have transformed the pedestrian zone in Uppsala, Sweden, into a place to linger lined with a stone pavement

The pattern of granite ashlars creates an air of turbulence so pedestrians will notice without walking past

At the “Gate of the Exonerated“ at Central Park, a message is carved in stone

The name of the entrance is a reminder of a miscarriage of justice and of prejudice by the press

Stonemasonry winners in the “The Good Form” and “Professionals Perform“ craftsmanship-competitions were announced in Germany

Marks are given for creativity and skill at work or for professional working under time pressure, respectively

Miscellaneous: news all around natural stone and rock

This mosaic pavement adorns the port of the Swedish city of Sundsvall. The designer was landscape architect Bibbie Leine

“Fusion 2” gets together sculptors from around the world plus marble and wood as materials

10 young artists have been working in a project by Italian Arkad Foundation from Seravezza and the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre (vA!)

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