We leave no stone unturned

“Boldini“ is the name for Ethimo Outdoor Decor‘s new coffee tables; the MET tells the repair story of Tullio Lombardo’s “Adam“; for tourists: “A Night at the Colosseum in Rome” (until September 30, 2024); José Martínez-Cosentino Justo, nicknamed “Pepe“, died at the age of 78; Rugo Stone has a video about its Cosmati Marble Floors

The summer event “White Carrara” until September 29, 2024, brings natural stone design back to the city

It was at the foot of the Apuan Alps after the Second World War, that sculptors and companies started to make everyday products from marble

Does Budri and Patricia Urquiola represent the forces of nature in the current “Geodies” collection?

Primeval crystals are integrated into everyday objects made of geometric onyx or travertine

Gianluca Pellegrino from Basaltina S.r.l. is president of Confindustria Marmomacchine for the 2024/2026 term

At the association’s General Assembly, also, statistics for Italy’s stone and stone technology exports 2023 were presented

From July 13 to August 04, 2024, the 1st International Marble Symposium “Vinschgau kristallin” will take place in South Tyrol

Laas (Lasa) and Schlanders (Silandro) provide the setting for the work of six stone sculptors and two interdisciplinary artist couples

New on the building materials market: Stone Bricks bring the qualities of natural stone into a miniature format

Companies in England, Spain, Canada, and Germany already have such ashlars in their range

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