Briefly noted

(August 2012) Moscow’s 13th Expostone Trade Fair (June 19th to 22nd) expanded its exhibit area by 500 m² to a total of 10,700 m² according to the operator. 363 companies from 22 countries were represented. That represents an increase of 80 relative to the year prior. 158 exhibitors came from Russia (43%), followed by China with 86, Italy with 48 and Turkey with 14.   

Switzerland is experiencing a sustained building-branch-boom. Particularly active: the home building sector (German 1,2).

Reclaimed millstones, steps and tiles are the specialty of Polish-based Old Original Company.

The Olympic Rings in Portland Limestone were recently set up in Weymouth on the British Coast where this year’s Olympic sailing competition is to take place. The rings were produced by Albion Stone Company. Albion Stone also produced the siding for the Olympic Town Houses in Portland.

Angelo Mangiarotti, architect and designer specializing in marble, died in July at the age of 91. Many a household item originated from his drawing board such as the sink „Lito“ or the „M4“ table known for their elegant forms whereby he used state-of-the-art techniques.  

„Learning stone in Carrara“ was the title of a summer school course offered to students from Saudi-Arabia by IMM Carrara from June 23rd to July 10th. 9 students from the College of Architecture and Planning of the University Riyadh enrolled (Italian).

Video of the Month: does the earth crust react to global warming? Yes, it does, at least according to US-professor Bill McGuire as expounded in his book „Waking the Giant“: He points out that at the end of the last ice-age some 10,000 years ago, when the ice surrounding the poles began to melt, there was a simultaneous shift of the earth crust mass accompanied by earthquakes and increased volcanic activity. The ensuing rise of ocean levels could also have caused coastal landslides and Tsunamis (Video 1, 2).