Architecture: Rotate, flip, assemble

(December 2012) Anything is possible (well, almost anything) with this new building-block system. With „Simplicity“ by architect Marco Francesconi and Fratelli Mazzucchelli Marmi Company, architects, artists and designers can now e.g. clad walls, build a kiosk or use standardized elements for a whole range of uses and compositions. Our photo above shows a draft for Florence’s Station Santa Maria Novella.

„Simplicity“ makes do with 4 standard elements made of a variety of materials suitable for individual use.

F.lli Mazzucchelli Marmi presented its system comprised of two contrasting colored elements, namely in Calacatta Ducale and Bardiglio grey, at this year’s Marmomacc.

Like DNA, a few basic elements suffice to compose innumerable constructions. In the case of flooring and wall cladding „Simplicity“ meets the challenge by rotating and flipping elements.

Of course the concept can be implemented three dimensionally by tilting the elements.

As needed, a lighting element, e.g., can be integrated as well.

The concept is patented. The Name „Simplicity“ goes back to the Italian architecture theoretician of post war modernism, Ernesto Nathan Rogers who coined the phrase „Dal cucchiaio alla città“ (From the Spoon to the City). It stands for a call to holistic yet simple concepts.


Marco Francesconi (Mail)

Fratelli Mazzucchelli Marmi (Mail)

Los Angeles County Museum of Art is showing an online exhibit with Rogers’ concept „Dal cucchiaio alla città“ (From the Spoon to the City).