Briefly noted

(February 2013) A patent for the use of granite waste in asphalt production has been granted to Centro de Tecnologia Mineral (Cetem) in Brazil. Usually stone used in asphalt production must be crushed (Portuguese).

Durable stone garden furniture can be viewed on a webpage.

Over-sized pebbles in soft material, by French designer Stéphanie Marin, invite children to play.

Ten ancient Egyptian quarries are presented by Per Storemyr in his blog.

The meaning of rubble for alpine runoffs is part of a European research project on the Alps.

Photographs of cave explorations and mountain expeditions can be viewed in the 125th jubilee edition of National Geographic Magazine.

Video of the month: monumental sculptures by Cynthia Sah and Nicolas Bertoux. Material: Carrara-marble, Taipei (1, 2).