Briefly noted

(June 2013) Two jubilees are worth mentioning: French trade magazine Pierre Actual is celebrating its 80th anniversary. For the January edition Claude Gargi and his co-workers Corinne Berger and Brit Impens developed a special idea: the magazine’s cover carried a picture of a stone block, which, seen through 3-D glasses, looked like it was leaping out of the cover. Polish Nowy Kamieniarz is celebrating    its 10th anniversary. Maciej Brzeski’s staff of editors crafted the number „10“ from portraits of advertising customers. The same publication (March/April 2013) contains an unusual advertisement: Interstone Company sealed the advertisement in small pouches containing a sample of their engineered stone. Readers should have the opportunity to fondle the product.

The probably most ancient sundial was discovered by Swiss scientists in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings. It was made of a piece of limestone upon which a semi-circular segmented marking was applied in black paint. At the center, a hole shows where the sundial once logged.

Latest news: Jeff Koons Studio in N.Y.C. is looking for a stone carver, informs the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA).

Ideas for creative design in stone specifically for gardens can be seen on Stoneartblog.

A Nature Art Symposium takes place in Gabrovtsi, Bulgaria, July 3rd – 16th.  

„Bust Chair“ is the name Tomáš Libertíny has given his marble seating developed in cooperation with the Henraux Foundation.

In 2012 the global trade in natural stone reached 96 million t. Its value was calculated at 21.5 billion € according to IMM Carrara (Italian).

Video of the month: The French Association de Bourgogne has uploaded a film on its stones.  

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