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Poland will be hosting 2 trade fairs for natural stone in November this year: Poznań (26th to 29th) as always hosting „Stone“, and now also an event in Wrocław, the „Kamień“ trade fair (05th -08th ) for a total of 4 natural stone trade fairs to be held this year – a world record for its class.    

French stone masons should be increasing their efforts in marketing natural stone kitchen counter-tops according to an article in the French trade magazine Pierre Actual (2/2014). Spadiccini Company has commissioned a study, and in discussions a panel of experts recommended closer cooperation with kitchen centers (French).

„Life would be much easier if only you could actually get your alcohol from stones“ according to William Omand who designated a cobblestone to a drink dispenser.  

   Xiamen Stone Fair 2014 saw a 10% positive growth in visitors (142,498) as compared to the previous year. Note that private visitors have access to the fair. Foreign visitors also marked an increase (see table).

Locked in stone: the oldest-known stick insect has been unearthed in China. It mimicked plants to hide from its predators.   

The 14th International Dry Wall Congress will take place from September 22nd to 24th 2014 in Morocco.    

The Black Country Museum is one of the most extensive exhibit areas reaching from Wolverhampton to Birmingham site of the first industrial settlement in Europe. Here a day course on stonemasonry will be held on June 28th.   

Video of the month: Mosaic on the move developed by the Media Lab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (1, 2).

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