Design: Yo-Yo-shaped sink

(May 2008) Was it inspired by a yo-yo or the rim of a wheel? In any event, designer Luca Scaccetti’s new sink, conceived for Rapsel, is named after the well-known toy. 47 cm in diameter and 15,2 cm high the fixture is made of beige Pietra portoghese limestone with a subtle grain and is also available in a cast-stone or ceramic version. The tap is fixed to the sink or wall-mounted.

A well-known producer of bathroom fixtures, Rapsel‘s place of business is Milan. Below are just some of their natural stone products:

Lavasca Mini is a free-standing bathtub made of Pietra Portoghese. The desiner is Mattheo Thun.

Bouro is also a free-standing sink again in Pietra Portoghese designed by E Souto de Moura. The drain runs along the back of the sink and the fixture requires a wall-mounted tap.

Melting Basin is a sink mounted free-standing or suspended. The washing-table is made of rosewood, the sink itself of natural stone. The designer is Roberto Paloma.