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During the era of iceman Ötzi stone tools were the norm. At the 3rd „Ötzi: 25 years of research-Conference“ September 19th to 21st 2016 to be held in Bozen, this is one of the central themes and a lecture will be held by Italian Archeologist Dr. Ursula Wierer (1, 2).

Update: New international regulation SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea): „Lundhs welcomes this new regulation and believes that it can make the shipment of our materials easier and safer,” says Production Director Rolf Nilsen (1, 2).

Works in stone by various designers can be admired on the Melamposcapes Site.

2017 in Scotland will mark a „Year of History, Heritage & Archaeology“. The event is dubbed „Stories, Stones and Bones“ as reported by the trade magazine Stone Specialist. The First World War Centenary Cathedral Repairs Fund in amount of 14.5 million £ were earmarked for restoration work and repairs (1, 2).

On the website the databank filled with texts on use of natural stone is growing continuously. The Marble Institute of America (MIA) in cooperation with Building Stone Institute (BSI) entertains the site. MIA and BSI have taken on Atlanta Kleber & Associates for the public relations work and campaigning.

Photo: Hotel Cave BianchiFull marks for sustainability and reclaiming go to the former quarry cum Hotel Cave Bianci in Sicily (1, 2).

Fossilized tree trunks on the Greek island of Lesbos are witnesses of the Earth history 20 million years ago.

The Hisham A. Alsager Cardiac Center in Kuwait with its limestone facade by AGI Architects was shortlisted for the award of the World Architecture Festival.

The Nasher Sculpture Centre has published a video of discussion how digital technology may affect sculptural work.

Video of the month: „On form“ is the name of a sales exhibition for stone sculptors’ works. It takes place every two years on a cottage in England. This year, 39 artists, some of them well known, presented 268 works. Most of them were sold. Applications for the 2018 event are open until July 31, 2017 (Video, 1).

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