Art: Elegant and light-weight

(June 2010) Some works of art are self-explanatory. Suffice it to display them. This is the case with the work of Cynthia Sah and Nicolas Bertoux.

Born in Hong Kong, she grew up in Taiwan and came via Japan to the so-called White Mountains behind Carrara and Massa. He is of French nationality, an interior design architect by trade and found his way to sculpting through his father and finally also to the Alps of Apulia.

This is where they work on their monumental sculptures in stone or bronze most of which stand in Asian sites. Details to size and execution can be seen on the artists’ webpage.

Mention should be made of the Arkad Foundation, brought to life by the couple in 2002. It is an institution situated in Seravezza behind Massa where they brought an old quarry back to life with ateliers and exhibition areas for aspiring artist. The object of the foundation is the promotion of stone sculpting although the gamut of materials implemented is in no way restricted to stone.

Cynthia describes the concept relative to stone: „We think that it is very important to invite architects and students of architecture to learn about the characteristics of stone, about craftsmanship and most recent technologies to create contemporary design in utilizing stone.“

One of the more recent projects was called „Art Atelier“: aim of the project was to depict the entire marble production in artworks – one of the ideas was transportation of light and sound installations my means of flat-bed-trailer-trucks. This project was realized only in part.

A workshop is dedicated to „Scrap as material“. Participants are meant to use quarry waste to design something new.

Cynthia Sah / Nicolas Bertoux

Arkad Foundation