Kitchen with brushed larvikite from the Lundhs Real Stone collection

Lundhs Real Stone: kitchen with Lundhs Emerald Larvikite.

Shades of black surround the cooking area in the extremely open room, the stone with its mysterious mica softens the dark tone

In numerous countries, private demand for natural stone increased during the corona crisis, so owners took money in hand to beautify and upgrade their apartments or houses and gardens. We are therefore increasingly showing examples of natural stone in kitchens, bathrooms, terraces, or swimming pools.

The Norwegian company Lundhs sent us an example of a kitchen in which its Larvikit Lundhs Emerald was used in an interesting way. The designer was Lene Marie Weum Knutsen, who runs the company Into Design. The kitchen is located in a private house in Sandefjord municipality.

The space for this kitchen is actually so large and so open that even a kitchen island as expansive as the one shown would be lost in it. The designer has therefore combined the ensemble for cooking by color: the walls in the cooking area are matt black, and the natural stone has the same tone. However, the larvikite called Lundhs Emerald appears anything but dark, because it has a high proportion of the mineral mica, which is evident in the mysteriously glittering structures.

Lundhs Real Stone: kitchen with Lundhs Emerald Larvikite.

The stone stands out particularly strikingly behind the stove. There, a herringbone pattern brings additional structure to the overall picture.

Lundhs Real Stone: kitchen with Lundhs Emerald Larvikite.

Small but important detail: here the stone has a matt honed surface, in the worktop it is matt brushed.

The color contrast is a warm shade of gray on the side wall, which thus seems to become a source of warmth and leads into the other rooms. The ship floor oak parquet on the floor also gives a feeling of warmth, which is also conveyed to the rest of the house.

A splash of color comes from the brass colored faucet and lamp. The drawers on the kitchen island are colored anthracite on the garden side.

Light comes abundantly through the large windows so that the mica in the stone can unfold its full splendor.

Natural Stone: Larvikit Lundhs Emerald
Luminaire: Tap Tapwell arman ARM185
Kitchen armature: Ikea KUNGSBACKA
Sink: Franke Subline 700
Lamp: Kompendium by Luceplan, Farbe Messing
Stove: Rais Visio 2
Equipment: Siemens Studio Line Black Steel


Into Design

Photos: Morten Rakke / Lundhs

Lundhs Real Stone: kitchen with Lundhs Emerald Larvikite.Lundhs Real Stone: kitchen with Lundhs Emerald Larvikite.

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