The Swedish Natural Stone Association launches a certification for the installation of gravestones

View of a cemetery in Sweden. Photo: Association

The seal adopts the specifications of the state committee, is valid for 5 years and may be used for company advertising

The stability of gravestones, i.e., the quality of the work of stonemasons in the cemetery, is a subject of dispute time and again in Sweden as well. The natural stone association Sveriges Stenindustriförbund has therefore launched a certification scheme so that member companies can present themselves to their customers accordingly. The goal is that the gravestone “is correctly set up or any defects are professionally repaired,“ according to a press release.

To get the certification, employees of companies have to pass a theoretical exam and participate in a practical training. This takes about one day. The standards that the Central Funeral Committee (Centrala Gravvårdskommittén) has issued are taught. The Natural Stone Association implements those rules in its certification.

The offer is free of charge for the association members.

For five years, the certified companies may use the seal in their self-promotion. After that, they must undergo certification again.

On the website of the Natural Stone Association, where customers can search for companies, the certificate is a search criterion.

The association hopes the seal will have a broad impact. “We want to achieve self-regulation,“ says association president Kai Marklin, outlining the concept.

Details and a handbook on the subject can be found in Swedish on the website of the Professional Association of Funeral Directors (SKKF).

Press release of the Natural Stone Association (Swedish)

Recently, the Belgian association had adopted a quality charter for gravestones.

(17.02.2021, USA: 02.17.2021)