Semi-precious AMAZONITE, very hard, resistant to acids, and translucent, quarried by Granistone company in the Brazilian state of Ceará

Semi-precious Amazonite.

Stone type: semi-precious

Color: green

Quarry location: Ceará, Brazil

Description of the stone: An exotic semi-precious stone composed of quartz crystals, feudspath, and a rare cyan-colored pegmatite. It has a high degree of hardness and resistance to acids or cleaning products.

Semi-precious Amazonite.

Peculiarities of the stone: The stone is of unique and refined beauty, awarded by God through His creation, and adds refinement and value to any project and environment, adding glamor and lots of charm. Due to the high level of quartz in its composition, it is translucent and can be retro-illuminated.

Application: in internal and external areas, e.g., gourmet spaces, tables, bathrooms, pools, and furniture

Finishes: polished

Semi-precious Amazonite.Semi-precious Amazonite.
Name of the stone: Amazonite

Company: Granistone was founded in 1989 and is now one of the largest international companies in the field of Ornamental Stones. Hallmarks of its customer service are: competence, commitment, trust, credibility, rigor in service, and after-sales follow-up until the final application phase in the work. With its high production capacity Granistone is able to serve large works around the world. One of its best-known stones is the Granite Branco Ceará used in airports and shopping centers. “Believing in God as our pillar of support, and with great ethics and dedication to what we do, we always try to build a better, fairer and literally more beautiful world in our daily lives,“ is said on the webpage.

Contact: R. Vicente Linhares, 500 – Aldeota Fortaleza – CE. 6016-270
Tel:: +55 (85) 3241-4560

Amazonite gravel.