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The company Lundhs from Norway can be an example of how a natural stone company can successfully market its own materials with product design

The manufacturer of rough blocks develops functional products for the (upper) middle class that can be used in everyday life

Mosaics of marble and glass that take the emptiness out of potholes in city streets and maybe even give them a sense of purpose

Jim Bachor found the inspiration for his art during excavations in Pompeii and later, on his doorstep in Chicago

Confindustria Marmomacchine’s general assembly held on September 17, 2020, in Milan

Marco De Angelis was re-elected as president for the term 2020-2022, vice-presidents are Francesco Antolini, Federico Fraccaroli, Corradino Franzi, and Valentina Trois

Measuring the oceans’ water temperatures by sound waves of earthquakes underneath the seafloor

Caltech researchers found a way to correlate the speed of such noise with climate change

A reception counter like a massive stone block that can be extended to form a long table

Designer Davide Vercelli has played with the limestone Pietra Piasentina from northern Italy for the company Julia Marmi

Massimo Potenza is Biesse Group’s new Co-CEO to guide the process of transformation and evolution that the company has been undergoing

The aim is to respond to the permanent global changes with a flexible and resilient staff “in a proactive way”

Over 100,000 years ago, fertile loess from the Negev helped the early humans on their way from Africa to Eurasia with the “land of milk and honey” in the Levant

Dr. Rivka Amit from the Geological Survey of Israel found that dust deposition by desert winds played a critical role in forming thick or thin soils around the Eastern Mediterranean

The USA continues to be the richest country in the world and its citizens hold almost one third of the world’s wealth

New World Wealth’s market researchers, together with Webster Pacific, have conducted a new study to find out where the rich and super-rich there prefer to live

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