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At the stone fair in Vitoria the exhibition “Brazilian Stones Original Design” was shown once again

The aim of the presentation of artistic objects was to demonstrate the beauty and diversity of the country’s stones and to find new uses for the material

Restless Earth: scientists find out that the Eifel volcanic region in Germany remains seismically active

There is no danger, but measurements show an uplift and stretching in the ground / Until now it was believed that volcanism there was a thing of the past

Glass fiber cables can make a superb network to measure e.g., underwater seismic activity or glacier motion

In studies at several universities, light pulses are sent through optical cables to measure deformations in sections of the fibers caused by changes in the surroundings

Zanettin develops novel gabions that are more than just rectangular wire baskets filled with pebbles

Garden walls and slope supports have now become a playing field for architects and designers

Eurostat publishes for 37 countries in Europe their Gross Domestic Product per capita, Consumption per capita and Price Level Indices

In individual consumption, Luxembourg is ahead followed by Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Denmark, the UK and Belgium

The German Natural Stone Prize (DNP) was awarded for the 19th time

Prizes went to sustainable projects that demonstrate high architectural quality and energy-saving construction methods

Chris Booth places really big stone sculptures in the landscape and makes even the smallest things visible

The New Zealand sculptor and land art artist draws inspiration for his work from the proximity, nature and the local history

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