Who We Are

Stone-Ideas.com is the only global online magazine for natural stone. We are b2c
and show ideas what you can do with this fascinating material with the special magic.

We whet your appetite for natural stone.

Our readers are architects and interior designers, product designers, artists (sculptors)
and private individuals. We provide market information and ideas for stone products
to professionals in the sector.

Stone-Ideas.com is based on the concept of the Me newspaper. This is an idea from the
1990s, when the Internet was still young. At that time, daily newspapers tried out
whether their readers wanted to compile the newspaper according to their own interests.

The concept was not successful in print, but we made it work on the Internet:
in the navigation bar at the top of the page you will find sections for our target groups:
Stone Business – Design – Art – Architecture – Stone Finder.

Instead of a newsletter, we have the social media: if you follow us there,
you will get a notice when a new post has appeared:


On Facebook, the groups are:
* Stone Stories (our feature section)
* Architecture/Art (plus Interior Design, Landscape and Garden Design)
* Product Design/Art (everyday objects like furniture made with natural stone)


The magazine has been online for a good 15 years. There is no print version. Our international
edition is in English. In addition, we also have a German version, this is because we are at home in Berlin.
Stone-Ideas.com currently receives around 25,000 visitors per month.

Peter Becker, editor-in-chief.

* Editor-in-chief/Responsible: Peter Becker, (Mail)

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Peter BECKER, Mail.

* Web-Design: Stephan Zimmer
* Translation into English/correspondent/editor: Suzanna Multhaupt
* Italian correspondent: Alexandra Becker
* Correspondent for Spain, Latinamerica: Eva Martín Martínez
* Correspondent for Brazil, Portugal: Marcelo Oliveira da Silva

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