Who We Are

Stone-Ideas.com is the only worldwide magazine for marble, granite, sandstone, etc
with a focus on architecture, design, and art. More precisely: we have a competent and
independent look at how natural stone can be used in construction, interior decoration,
design of everyday objects, or sculpting.

More than this, we report on stone production in quarries, processing in workshops and
international trade.

The magazine has been online for more than 15 years. It has no print version.
Our international issue is in English. We also have a version in German.

Currently, Stone-Ideas.com enjoys some 25,000 visits every month.

Peter Becker.

Editor-in-chief/Responsible: Peter Becker, (Mail)
Publishing hourse: BusinessStone.com Verlag für Online-Zeitschriften, Elßholzstraße 13,
D-10781 Berlin, VAT-number: DE135817553

* Design: Stephan Zimmer
* Translation into English/correspondent/editor: Suzanna Multhaupt
* Italian correspondent: Alexandra Becker
* Correspondent for Spain, Latinamerica: Eva Martín Martínez
* Correspondent for Brazil, Portugal: Marcelo Oliveira da Silva

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