Stone Stories

Visiting stone sights in the Xiamen area and natural and artificial stone companies

The China Stone Material Association (CSMA) organized excursions for architects to the surroundings of the fair city

Miscellaneous: news all around ornamental stone and rock

Bologna’s leaning Garisenda Tower is showing “anomalous movements“ raising fear that it might collpase. The city has launched an additional program to secure the famous monument and ist neighboring tower

Vildmannen 7 building in Stockholm: after the 2017 fire disaster, the facade shines again in its colorful elegance (1)

We describe the restoration steps of the sandstone ashlars, which stem from boulders, not quarries

The natural stone sector can contribute to sustainability in tourism with its building and decorative materials

Topics such as resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions were discussed at the ITB tourism fair in Berlin

Natural stone worldwide: how stone and sport come together and what stonemasons and creatives have made of the subject

In our overview article, we have once again collected all kinds of curiosities

Walls or piles of fieldstones are being restored in many places

They provide habitats for animals and plants and are evidence of rural culture / Examples from Switzerland and the New England states

Stone people: “Courage and Progress immortalized in natural stone“ by the Italian immigrants who came to Brazil 150 years ago

On February 21, 1874, the sailing ship “La Sofia” arrived at the Port of Vitória in Brazil

News about the rock eyes of the marine chiton Acanthopleura granulata

The small animals have lenses made of aragonite and can probably detect the appearance of predators through changes in brightness

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