Marble (limestone) SPANISH GOLD, with golden glimmers and reddish veins recalling the sun-imbued Iberian peninsula, quarried by Levantina group

Marble Spanish Gold from Levantina group.

Name of the stone: Spanish Gold

Stone type: marble (limestone)

Color: gold

Quarry location: Spain

Marble Spanish Gold from Levantina group.

Description of the stone: This stone sparkles with a golden glimmer. Its three-colored structure with gold, yellow and reddish seams recalls the enviable, sun-imbued Spanish countryside. The material is equally dazzling, unique, and persuasive. In contemporary interiors, it is perfect when paired with light-colored or wooden furniture, lifting the space to luminous heights. When matched with darker hues, it forms a striking and cultivated contrast. Spanish Gold is undoubtedly the right option for achieving an exclusive setting.

Peculiarities of the stone: Fine-grain mustard-colored carbonated sedimentary marble, made of compact micritic limestones with scattered white calcite veins and reddish venules. Its fossil content is not much, but there is a variety of microfossils such as foraminifera, mollusks, ostracods, bivalvia, and fragments of echinoderms. It stems from 190 million years ago, from the Early-Middle Jurassic.

Marble Spanish Gold from Levantina group.

Application: inside, outside, floors, walls

Finishes: polished, honed

Frost resistant: Yes / No

Marble Spanish Gold from Levantina group.

Company: Levantina is a Spanish group with worldwide activity, including 40 quarries, 8 factories, 28 distribution centers, and some 200 types of natural stone in its program. It exports to 110 countries across the European Union, America, the Middle East, and Asia.

Contact: Autovía Madrid-Alicante, s/n, 03660 Novelda (Alicante) España
Tel: +34 96 560 91 84

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