Xiamen Stone Fair 2023 (1): crowding in the exhibition halls, fewer international exhibitors than before the Covid-19 pandemic, numerous new ideas for products made of natural stone

Xiamen Stone Fair 2023.Xiamen Stone Fair 2023.

The 23rd Xiamen Stone Fair took place from June 05 to 08, 2023, in the southern Chinese metropolis in the natural stone province of Fujian. It had significant international participation for the first time after the Covid years of 2020, 2021 and 2022. However, we guess the number of foreign exhibitors was one-third lower than before the pandemic.

This was mainly because there had been another outbreak of Covid in China in early 2023, and exhibitors from other continents were unsettled in their planning.

Large, however, was again the number of visitors. As in the years before the pandemic, there was much of crowding in the halls.

We will publish the final numbers of visitors and exhibitors in a detailed report in early June 2023.

Xiamen Stone Fair 2023: Opening.

This photo gallery shows scenes and stands that caught our eye. We will put another photo gallery online tomorrow. If you can’t reach companies, please get in touch with us, and we will try to help.

Later, we will report in detail on the “Xiamen Habitat Design and Life Festival“ exhibition on interior design with natural stone and the “Stone Infinite“ show on product design with stone later.

Xiamen Stone Fair 2024 announcement.

The next Xiamen Stone Fair is scheduled to return to its traditional date at the beginning of the year and will be held from March 16 to 19, 2024. Its motto will be “Say Hi.“

Xiamen Stone Fair

Photos: Xiamen Stone Fair / Peter Becker

<a href="http://www.jsmarble.com/"target="_blank">J & S Marble</a> company.<a href="http://umgg.biz/"target="_blank">UMGG</a> company: painting „Thousand Miles of Mountains and Rivers“ by Wang Ximeng as an inlay made of more than 70 stone types. Photo: UMGG<a href="http://umgg.biz/"target="_blank">UMGG</a> company.Inducon company: black granite from Zimbabwe.<a href="http://www.xingyanstone.cn/"target="_blank">Fujian Huian Xingyang Stone</a> company.<a href="http://www.xingyanstone.cn/"target="_blank">Fujian Huian Xingyang Stone</a> company.Quanzhou Zhengdong Stone company.Quanzhou Zhengdong Stone company.Quanzhou Zhengdong Stone company.Yiduzone Art Mosaic company.Yiduzone Art Mosaic company.<a href="http://www.ksrock.com/"target="_blank">Xiamen Safestone Trading</a> company.<a href="http://www.ksrock.com/"target="_blank">Xiamen Safestone Trading</a> company.Yunfu Shanyuan Relief Craft company. Yunfu Shanyuan Relief Craft company. <a href="http://www.tenphystone.cn/"target="_blank">Tenphy Stone</a> company.<a href="http://www.tenphystone.cn/"target="_blank">Tenphy Stone</a> company.<a href="http://www.tenphystone.cn/"target="_blank">Tenphy Stone</a> company.

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