Limestone ALTAMIRA ROSAL creating the feeling of a timeless farmhouse around the Mediterranean, quarried by Spanish Rosal Stones company

Altamira Rosal limestone.

Name of the stone: Altamira Rosal

Stone type: limestone

Color: white and salmon tones

Quarry location: Caravaca, in Spain’s autonomous region Murcia not far from the Mediterranean

Altamira Rosal limestone.Altamira Rosal limestone.

Description of the stone: The handcrafted tiles have a pleasantly uneven surface reminding of old farmhouses in the hinterland of the French Provence: time is going by but it will never stop…

Peculiarities of the stone: The stone has a low porosity and high compression, as well as high hardness. This ensures a durable performance and an easy maintenance, which makes it perfect for the public sector. It is also aesthetically suitable for the residential use, as well as for commercial and restoration projects.

Application: flooring and walling inside and outside

Finishes: weathered

Frost resistant: yes

Altamira Rosal limestone.Altamira Rosal limestone.

Company: Rosal Stones was founded in 1980 by Manuel Sánchez Marín and his wife, María Robles Jiménez, in the Spanish province of Murcia. As early as 2005, the family-owned firm, now employing 27 people, underwent ISO 9001 and 14001 standards for further development and quality improvement. Since then the company has a clear committment to climate and ressources concerns. Ten years later, the 2nd generation, with the three children of the founders, drew up a plan for 2016 to 2019, during which CO2 emissions have been reduced by 40%. CEO Catalina Sánchez gives a glimpse into the future: “If more suppliers of sustainable construction materials explored these paths, together we could reduce the weight of harmful and highly polluting materials in the construction industry.“

Contact: Rosal Stones S.A, Carretera de Granada, km 73, 30400 Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia, Spain
Tel: +34 629470419

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