PIMAR WHITE limestone, an elegant and sober material, minimal and modern in its natural purity, quarried in the province of Lecce by Pimar Company

Pimar White limestone.

PI.MAR S.r.l. is at Marmomac 2023 in Hall 6, D4

Name of the stone: Pimar White Limestone

Stone type: limestone

Color: Mediterranean white

Quarry location: Motta, San Sidero, Murrichella in the province of Lecce, heart
of Salento, Puglia, Italy

Pimar White limestone.

Description of the stone: absolute white stone

Peculiarities of the stone: Elegant and sober white stone, minimal and modern
in its natural purity, but at the same time ancient in its absolute white

Application: suitable for coverings, thickness between 2 and 8 cm

Finishes: smooth, polished, bushhammered


Frost resistant: yes

Pimar White limestone.

Company: With more than 150 years of history, Pimar is known for its unique tradition in manufacturing Italian limestone. Pimar‘s activities, carried out by the Marrocco family, include the extraction of stone blocks from 40 hectares of quarries in the heart of Salento, Puglia, in the center of Italy’s boot. Pimar is the only sector company that achieved the CE mark for its products, in addition to having been selected by the 2nd Eurispes National Report as one of the 100 Italian excellence companies.

Contact: PI.MAR S.r.l., Via Manzoni, 32, 73020 Cursi | Lecce | Italia
Offices and production: S.S. Lecce – Maglie, motorway exit: Melpignano Stazione, 73020 Melpignano Lecce | Italy
Tel.+39 0836 483285