Michelangelo Mármores Company at the Expo Revestir in São Paulo: contrasting materials but produced and processed in the region

The stand of Michelangelo Mármores at the Expo Revestir 2023 fair.

To create the stand, designer Ana Penso used local marble and corn straw that came as waste from the fields

Opposites and duality are the key words used to design the stand of Brazilian natural stone company Michelangelo Mármores at the Revestir trade fair in São Paulo (March 14-17, 2023). Two very different materials were used, namely corn straw and marble, both of which are grown and quarried respectively at the same location in Brazil’s state of Paraná. The presentation focused on local products together with expertise from the region.

The stand of Michelangelo Mármores at the Expo Revestir 2023 fair.

The annual Revestir fair is the most important show for interior architecture and design in Latin America. For some years now, natural stone companies have also been presenting themselves there, including, since 2015, the Michelangelo Mármores company, which was founded in 1989 by two brothers with German roots in Curitiba in the south of the country. The director of the company is Priscila Carnivore A. Costa.

Two types of marble determined the stand design this year, conceived by designer Ana Penso: for the floor, the dark Grigio Michelangelo with white veins, and for the two seating areas, the white Mármore Branco Michelangelo Prime. The shape of the stone sofas was based on the concept of Yin and Yang and in this respect already noticed the basic idea of the design.

The great contrast, however, was the ceiling above the stand, which was made of strips of woven corn straw. It conveyed a feeling of lightness, but at the same time stood – unlike natural stone – for fragility and transience.

Wickerwork made from corn straw by the artist collective Tecendo História.

The straw panels had been woven by the artist collective Tecendo História, with whom the designer collaborates. Their work revolves around the use also of the residues from local agriculture. The collective is based in the municipality of Cerro Azul, with a population of around 17,000, on whose territory one of Michelangelo Mármores’ quarries is also located. The group of artists was founded in 2005 and today counts 8 creatives who experiment with corn, reeds (criciúma ) or bamboo.

The concept of the designer, the collective and the natural stone company also includes the valorization of local products through quality workmanship and design.

Empowerment for women has a special place.

The stand of Michelangelo Mármores at the Expo Revestir 2023 fair.The stand of Michelangelo Mármores at the Expo Revestir 2023 fair.

Regarding the design of the booth, the press materials refer to the founder of judo, Jigorō Kanō: “He once said: ‘Duality is the condition of life. Without opposites or contrasts, life is not life,’ that is, for him, duality and balance between opposites were essential to achieve inner harmony and peace of mind.“

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Photos: Michelangelo Mármores

The Michelangelo Mármores booth at the Expo Revestir 2023 fair, front left: Company director Priscila Fleischfresser, front right: designer Ana Penso.

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