Marble LUNAR with a beauty like from another planet, quarried by Pedra do Frade company in Brazil‘s state of Bahia

Marble Lunar.

Name of the stone: Lunar

Stone type: marble

Color: white

Quarry location: Brazilian state of Bahia

Marble Lunar.

Description of the stone: The stone has a white background with grayish veins, bringing elegance and versatility. Its beauty is like from another planet.

Peculiarities of the stone: as Lunar is a dolomitic marble, it has above-average resistance and can be used in many different projects, including kitchens.

Application: walls, floors, kitchens, bookmatches

Finishes: polished

Marble Lunar.Marble Lunar.

Company: Pedra do Frade was founded in 1996 in Brazil’s southern state of Espírito Santo. Already in 2003, it made its first exports to the US. Today, the company serves more than 30 countries. Since 2016, Pedra do Frade has acquired new quarries throughout Brazil, guaranteeing exotic and exclusive materials. With more than 25 years, the company is recognized for the quality of its products and the excellent service of its team of employees. The natural monument Pedra do Frade, resembling the profile of a friar and a nun, between the municipalitoes of Itapemirim with Vargem Alta.The company name refers to the natural monument The Friar and the Nun, a unique and well-known granite formation located between the municipalities of Itapemirim with Vargem Alta, close to the BR-101 in the state of Espírito Santo. Its silhouette resembles the profile of a friar and a nun, according to local legends. It is recognized as Natural Cultural Heritage of Brazil.

Contact: Rod BR 101 Km 396, s/nº – Perimetral, Rio Novo do Sul – ES – Brasil, Cep: 29.290-000 Cx. Postal: 15
Tel: +55 28 3533 1714

Marble Lunar.

Marble Lunar.