Gemeg’s redesigned showroom in Carrara: white marble only behind the windows of the container-like building

Gemeg company’s showroom in Carrara redesigned by architect Victor Vasilev.Gemeg‘s showroom in Carrara.

The facade by architect Victor Vasilev is reminiscent of modernism and bears artificial materials

Gemeg company’s redesigned showroom allows us to make again a mention of the famous film “Il Capo“ directed by Yuri Ancarani with close-up scenes where a worker in a Carrara quarry leads the gigantic excavators only with filigrane movements of his fingers. The masterpiece was presented at the 67th Venice International Film Festival in 2010, won numerous awards worldwide, and can be watched on the company webpage in 2 short versions (see link below).

Architect Victor Vasilev, Bulgaria born and now living in Milan, designed the showroom renovation. From outside, the building is very unexpected: none of the company’s famous white marbles Calacatta and Statuario is visible at the facades of the container-like house. Only inside the large halls, we find the natural stone slabs presented in long rows.

Gemeg‘s showroom in Carrara.

Modernity was the architect’s motto: under the address Viale Galileo Galilei 38, with near access to the E80 main road, is the “precise, technical volume composed of highly pronounced horizontal and vertical lines,” according to a press release by the architect. “Through the projection of their shadows, they overlay a subtle visual layer onto the facade design, which varies throughout the day. It recalls the architecture of the Modernist movement.”

The building has approximately 1,400 square meters of covered area.

Gemeg‘s showroom in Carrara.Gemeg‘s showroom in Carrara.

Gemeg president Luca Soldati commissioned the architect in 2017 to renew both the exterior and interior of the building: The aim was to create “a material narrative of the entrepreneurial history of the Soldati family and their cultured and international vision.”

“The gray facade is punctuated by a monumental colonnade that spans its length and is highlighted by night lighting, curated by Metis Lighting. The deep vertical sections made of cementitious resin support the flat roof, while the lower part rests only partially on the base, creating an almost suspended effect.“

Gemeg‘s showroom in Carrara.GGemeg‘s showroom in Carrara.

“The upper part of the facade is clad in anthracite-colored Alucobond panels, while the lower part is transparent, defined by large windows with recessed frames that showcase the precious white slabs to passersby. These sections correspond to the design of the thin base strip, traversed by horizontal cuts treated as decorative, technical, and even identity signs, directly referencing the company logo’s graphics.”

Access to the showroom is from the right side through a ramp and is marked and protected by a cantilevered parallelepiped in anthracite gray Alucobond.

Gemeg‘s showroom in Carrara.Gemeg‘s showroom in Carrara.

The entrance hall houses the reception area, furnished with custom metal fixtures.

From here, one can access the double-height lounge area with armchairs and seating, where a staircase connects the two floors dedicated to office activities, totaling approximately 250 square meters. The space includes individual workstations, meeting rooms, small warehouses, and facilities.

Marble “should not be employed as an architectural solution, but rather as an object of contemplation,” writes Victor Vasilev in his press release.



Viktor Vasilev

Gemeg‘s showroom in Carrara.Gemeg‘s showroom in Carrara.

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