Miscellaneous: news all around ornamental stone and rock

The lander camara’s photo shows the surface of the moon during the descent. Source: ISROOn August 20, 2023, the Indian mission Chandrayaan-3 successfully softlanded on the moon near its South pole. The six-wheeled rover “Pragyan“ (Sanskrit: wisdom) is to detach from the lander “Vikram“ and to study the composition of the soil and the rocks in the mountainous region. The predecessor mission Chandrayaan-2 had failed. The new lander had been equipped with stronger legs, better sensors, and new software. Also the landing site had been expanded (1, 2).

“T-House“ is the name Spridd Architects from Sweden gave a family building perfectly adapted to the site.

The conference program of the 40th Cersaie Fair (September 25 – 29, 2023) in Bologna includes an event about the redevelopment of urban spaces without land consumption but with carbon neutrality. Projects are the new Children’s Museum, Democratic Memory Centre and Maternal Aid Building as well as urban regeneration of the Bolognina neighborhood, the Dopo Lavoro Ferroviario (railway workers’ social club), and the Ravoni – Prati infrastructure hub. The event will take place on Wednesday, September 29 at 11:00 a.m. in the Palazzo dei Congressi.

Chapungu Sculpture Park is a center for stone sculpting in Harare, Zimbabwe.

A fossil from around 125 million years ago shows a dramatic moment when a carnivorous mammal attacked a larger plant-eating dinosaur.

A white marble slab found in the Ostia Antica archeological park, southwest of Rome, details the dates of Roman emperor Hadrian‘s journeys between Greece and Africa. Hadrian, who ruled from 117 to 138, is best known for creating Hadrian’s Wall and being one of the “Five Good Emperors,“ who ruled during a period of prosperity for the Roman Empire.

Artificial Columns shaped of concrete have been used by Chinese B.L.U.E.Architecture Studio for the design of a coffee shop in the seaside resort Aranya.

Video of the Month: in Sotheby’s “Expert Voices“ series, Dakin Hart talks about Japanese sculptor Isamu Noguchi’s monumental work „The Family“ made of 3 stacks of stones symbolizing father, mother and child. Hart is a Senior Curator of The Noguchi Museum.

(31.08.2023, USA: 08.31.2023)