The new Natural Stone Catalogue by the North American Quarry Advocacy Group (NAQAG) promises to become a resource for finding natural stone options for projects

Screenshot of the webpage.

The new tool is available on the NSI webpage

After has launched its STONE FINDER for the search for marbles, granites, etc., from all over the world, the North American Quarry Advocacy Group (NAQAG) comes up with a similar service exclusively for members of the Natural Stone Institute. We invite our readers to compare both databases for their functionality and publish the following NSI press release:

The Natural Stone Institute is proud to announce the debut of the Natural Stone Catalogue, a new digital tool that will showcase NSI members’ natural stone offerings and material specifications. This tool will meet the needs of the design community by becoming a resource for finding natural stone options for projects.

The Natural Stone Catalogue has been a key initiative for the North American Quarry Advocacy Group (NAQAG) and serves as a replacement for two existing online stone catalogues: NSI’s Stones of North America website and NBGQA’s Granite Colors page.

Catalogue users can browse by color, stone type, product category, quarry location, and sustainability goals. They can also access photos, testing information, material details, and contact information to identify a distributor.

NAQAG chair Reid Kubesh (Coldspring) commented: “In addition to being a great resource for the A&D and hardscape communities, this resource will also become a significant member benefit for quarriers. Participation is free and the exposure provided far exceeds the annual cost of membership.”

There are currently over 140 stones featured in the catalogue, with more being added regularly. The goal is for all NSI quarrier members to be featured soon.

NSI board member Jeff Erickson (Cutting Edge Countertops) shared this after seeing the Catalogue: “Not only is the site a great benefit for our quarrier members and the design community, it will also be a major resource for fabricators, installers, and restoration professionals as they work with customers to choose materials.”

Natural Stone Catalogue


(07.09.2023, USA: 09.07.2023)