New in our Stone Finder: white Brazilian marble ZERMATT with gray and light brown veins plus outstanding resistance, quarried by Vermont Mineração company in the state of Ceará

Brazilian marble Zermatt.

Vermont Mineração will show the complete beauty of its stones at the Fortaleza Brazil Stone Fair (November 08 – 10) in Fortaleza, capital of Ceará state, Brazil)

Name of the stone: Zermatt

Stone type: marble

Color: white

Quarry location: Cariús, Ceará, Brazil

Description of the stone: the stone has a a soft white background with veins in shades of gray and light brown. Very fine-grained. It is composed of 90% calcite, 5% dolomite, and 5% mica, quartz, and opaque minerals.

Peculiarities of the stone: Its impressive physical-chemical properties are unknown for marbles: infinite durability, high resistance, and little abrasion. Yet it has the unique natural marble shine. As it is translucent, it can be used in backlit arrangements.

Brazilian marble Zermatt.Brazilian marble Zermatt.Application: inside for sophisticated interior design

Finishes: polished, brushed and honed

Frost resistant: No

Translucent: Yes

Company: Mineração Vermont was founded in 2005 in the city of Sobral in the Brazilian state of Ceará. It brought some of the most spectacular natural stones to the market, which can only be found where South America juts out into the Atlantic as if with a knee. Key values of the company are: sustainability, social and environmental responsibility, transparency, quality, technology, and innovation.

Contact: rua Antônio Albuquerque Lopes, 1465, Junco, Sobral, CE, 62030-475
Tel: +55 (88) 3111-6958

Technical Data:

Brazilian marble Zermatt.Brazilian marble Zermatt.