Marmomac 2023: more internationality and a focus on product culture with stone

Marmomac 2023. Photo: Ennevi / Marmomac

68,5% of the exhibitors came from abroad, 15% growth of number of international visitors

The 57th Marmomac held September 26 – 29, 2023, posted more than 51,000 professional visitors – a 10% increase over 2022. The number of international visitors also grew by 15% in absolute terms to 66% of total. They came form 138 countries. The annual fair in Verona reached „a record for internationality, with 68.5% of 1,507 exhibitors arriving from 54 different countries“, as said in the final press release by the Veronafiere: „The Americas turned in a great performance with 29%, thanks to significant increases in arrivals from the United States, Canada and Brazil. There was also the great return by China and fine participation from Europe, especially Germany, Spain and France.“

The fairground had a net total of more than 76,000 m²spread over 12 show halls and 3 outdoor areas exploited to the full.

For comparison: In 2019, before Covid-19, the used space was 80,845 m², visitors in total were 67,928, the exhibitor number was 1636.

„Marmomac 2023 was achieved thanks to a magnificent team effort,” said Federico Bricolo, President of Veronafiere. He pointed out that this could only be reached by the support from + ministries „and the fundamental support of ICE Trade Agency, which provided finance for incoming buyers, and Confindustria Marmomacchine.“

In his welcome speech at the opening ceremony, Bricolo had mentioned that the Marmomac team was 100% female with recently one male newcomer.

In the press release, Maurizio Danese, Managing Director of Veronafiere, is quoted highlighting the fair‘s new focus „on product culture and professional training thanks to two dedicated show halls: The Plus Theatre and A Matter of Stone, curated by Elle Decor to promote the use of natural stone in the luxury and interior design sector among architects and designers.“

Also for 2024 is planned a cooperation with Hearst Group, the publisher of Elle Decor. Included in this cooperation are also the stone fairs in Vitória and Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, Brazil.

Following the fair, exhibitors and visitors can stay in touch digitally throughout the year via the Marmomac Plus portal.

The next Marmomac is scheduled for September 24 – 27, 2024

Worth mentioning, although not in the responsibility of Marmomac, is also that there was no presentation of Dr. Carlo Montani’s „Rapporto Marmo e Pietre Nel Mondo / Marble and Stones in the World Report“ this year. The statistical yearbook has accompanied the stone business since more than 30 years and annually brought independent and reliable information. Most recently it was published by Carrara based Aldus Edizioni.

(06.10.2023, USA: 10.06.2023)