Marmomac 2023: photo gallery

<a href=""target="_blank">Furrer</a>, Italien: „Life is a Journey“.

We show photos of some of the booths and of some product ideas from this year’s Marmomac

In general, there seems to be a trend: many companies hold back on elaborate presentations and show their stands several years in a row.

Is this a sign of frugality as a result of the current uncertainty in the construction sector worldwide, or can we read from it a move away from wastefulness?

In any case, it gave us an opportunity to look for original little things that we might have overlooked last year.

Marmomac 2024, September 24 – 27

<a href=""target="_blank">Gruppo Tosco Marmi</a>, Italy.<a href=""target="_blank">Gruppo Tosco Marmi</a>, Italy.<a href=""target="_blank">Barsimarmi Quarries</a>, Italy.<a href=""target="_blank">Marmi Colorati Coppola</a>, Italy.Wall decoration with Marco Polo’s travel route from China to Italy on top of the marble panels. Artist <a href=""target="_blank">Liuhao</a> (photo) for <a href=""target="_blank">Stone White</a>, China.<a href=""target="_blank">Cleopatra Stones</a>, Egypt.<a href=""target="_blank">Stone Group International</a>, Greece: seatings apparently made of marble.<a href=""target="_blank">Iktinos Hellas</a>, Greece: flowing lines.<a href=""target="_blank">Ece Mermer</a>, Turkey: invitation for a photo-shooting.<a href=""target="_blank">Ece Mermer</a>, Turkey.<a href=""target="_blank">Ciftyildiz Mermer</a>, Turkey.<a href=" "target="_blank">Alimoglu Mermer</a>, Turkey.<a href=""target="_blank">Stone Terroir</a>, Turkey.<a href=""target="_blank">FMK Marble</a>, Turkey.<a href=""target="_blank">Adalya Mermer</a>, Turkey.Innovative Art: <a href=""target="_blank">Granitos do Norte</a>, Portugal, used cuts in the stone to indicate the outlines of famous buildings...... (left to right) Eiffel Tower, Paris; Leaning Tower of Pisa; Statue of Liberty, New York. City.