VALTURA, a light beige to gray limestone with a timeless appearance, quarried by Croatian company Kamen d.d. Pazin on the Istrian peninsula

Croatian limestone Valtura.Croatian limestone Valtura.

Name of the stone: Valtura

Stone type: Limestone

Color: light beige to gray

Quarry location: Valtura, Istria peninsula in the Adria, Croatia

Description of the stone: Valtura limestone belongs to rudist limestones of the Turonian age (in the Late Cretaceous). The stone is light beige to gray, filled with fossils of sea shells. The varieties Valtura fiorito and Valtura semifiorito are well known on the market.

Peculiarities of the stone: The stone has a timeless appearance and is a great choice for ventilated facades. Modern exploitation started in the 19th century, and 2 quarries are active today: Valtura I (since 1954) and Valtura II (opened in the 1970s in an area with a long quarry tradition since the Roman ages). The stone was used for the Pula amphitheater in Istria in the 1st century AD.

Croatian limestone Valtura.Croatian limestone Valtura.

Application: inside: flooring, stairs, decoration; outside: cladding, facades, sculptures

Finishes: brushed, bush hammered, honed, striped, graffiato, polished, chiseled

Frost resistant: Yes

Croatian limestone Valtura.

Company: Kamen d.d. Pazin has been quarrying, processing, and installing stone since 1954. It operates 7 quarries in Istria and Dalmatia. Its modern factory in Pazin is equipped with the latest technology to produce a wide range of finished stone products, cut-to-size or in large numbers. Apart from being the leader in the Croatian market, the company is an exporter to markets all over Europe, the US and China. “We are passionate about our tradition, of our stones‘ beauty and history, and the innovation and integrity of our employees. Our mission is to provide our customers with lasting and enjoyable living ambiance,“ is said in a statement on the webpage.

Business detail: the company is included in the project NextGeneration EU 2021-2026 (Financira Europska unija).

Contact: Trg slobode 2
52000 Pazin, Croatia
Tel: +385 (0) 52 624 242
Fax: +385 (0) 52 624 441

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Croatian limestone Valtura quarry.