CARDOSO STONE (Pietra del Cardoso), a sandstone with a dark gray tone and decorative white veins, quarried by Italian company Da.Vi Srl in the Apuan Alps

Cardoso Stone (Pietra del Cardoso).

Name of the stone: Cardoso Stone (Pietra del Cardoso)

Stone type: sandstone

Color: dark gray

Quarry location: Stazzema, not far from Seravezza in the Apuan Alps (not far from Carrara)

Cardoso Stone (Pietra del Cardoso). Cardoso Stone (Pietra del Cardoso).

Description of the stone: strong white veins give this dark sandstone a special character, offering many design options, e.g. for kitchen countertops or flooring (indoor and outdoor), facades or book matching. About 30% of the material is sold on foreign markets mainly in Switzerland, Dubai, and China.

Peculiarities of the stone: due to its mineralogical composition and genesis, the Cardoso Stone has a remarkable degree of compactness and hardness. It has been used since antiquity in construction. Well-known projects are the cladding of the Bocco-Università in Milan or the interior design of the theatro Carlo Felice in Genua.

Cardoso Stone (Pietra del Cardoso).

Cardoso Stone (Pietra del Cardoso).

Application: indoors and outdoors, cladding, walling, furniture
Finishes: honed and brushed (mainly for interior usage), bush-hammered, water-jet, flamed, and sandblasted (mainly for outdoor applications)


Frost resistant: Yes

Company: Da.Vi Srl was founded in 2001, recovering an ancient quarry, thus bringing the Pietra del Cardoso again to the market. The material immediately found an excellent reception by the demanding clientele in Europe and elsewhere. Currently DA.VI Srl has two active quarries, named “Filucchia 1“ and “Filucchia 2“ which ensure a constant high-quality production of the material. The capacity covers the current market demand but could easily be increased.

Contact: Via Fusco 39, 55047, Seravezza (LU)
Tel. +39 0584 793817
Fax. +39 0584 794026
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Cardoso Stone (Pietra del Cardoso).