The “Corker“ by Herzog & de Meuron is now also available in marble

“Corker“. Photo: ClassiCon / Felix Holzer

The furniture brand ClassiCon has given the stool or side table a new material

A champagne cork served as inspiration for the Swiss architectural firm Herzog & de Meuron’s stool or side table called “Corker.” The piece of furniture was created in 2012 on the occasion of the London Serpentine Gallery Pavilion. Immediately, the company ClassiCon included the two original objects in their collection and brought a third variant on the market. Now there is another news to report: the “Corker“ is also available in marble.

The object made of colored natural stone looks like a sculpture in the room, it says in the documents: “One could almost understand the Corker as a pop art object, because it has emerged directly and without significant plastic transformation by enlarging an object known from our everyday culture,“ Jacques Herzog is quoted.

Originally, cork granules were the material. “The cork used for production in Portugal comes from local, sustainable forestry, is durable and 100% recyclable. At the same time, the furniture owes its inviting velvety feel to it,“ the documents state.

“Corker“. Source: Screenshot web page ClassiCon.

The three variants differed in height, width of the seat or table surface, and thickness of the base.

“Corker“. Photo: ClassiCon / Daniel Breidt

The piece of furniture made of marble, available in all variants, is made of solid stone, milled from a block, and has as surfaces matt or polished, each impregnated.

It says: “Not only aesthetically, but also haptically, the furniture made of marble is highly appealing: the tactile properties of natural stone invite you to touch the material.“


(14.11.2023, USA: 11.14.2023)