Three towering structures of stone and steel named “Cracked Ice“ on show at Manhattan’s Garment District

Del Geist’s “Cracked Ice“ on show at Manhattan’s Garment District.Del Geist’s “Cracked Ice“ on show at Manhattan’s Garment District.

Artist Del Geist visualizes climate change and the melting of ice over time, through March 2024

The Garment District Alliance and The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts unveiled in the heart of Midtown Manhattan “Cracked Ice“ by renowned artist Del Geist – a series of three towering structures made of stone and stainless steel that represent erratic boulders being held by immense ice-age glaciers.

Located on the Broadway plazas in the Garment District between 39th and 40th Streets, the free installation invites viewers to reflect on the dynamic forces of nature and profound impact of climate change and will be available to the public through March 2024.

Standing between 10 and 18-feet-tall respectively, each structure symbolizes a massive boulder suspended by the remnants of an ancient glacier, representing the gradual melting of ice over time. The unique structures serve as a metaphorical tribute to New York’s ever-changing history, both physically and symbolically, and offer compelling commentary on the impact of global warming on the planet. Del Geist worked with Bill Lyle of Lyle Welding, to fabricate the sculptures.

Del Geist’s “Cracked Ice“ on show at Manhattan’s Garment District.

With more than 40 years of experience, Del Geist draws inspiration from natural sciences to craft site-specific artwork worldwide. Through his works, he seeks to capture the true spirit of the area by drawing on the unique qualities inherent to each place, fostering viewers’ sensory experiences. Del Geist’s environmental artwork has been exhibited all around the globe.

Cracked Ice is part of Garment District Art on the Plazas, a year-round public art program made possible through the NYC Department of Transportation’s Art Program (NYC DOT Art). Previous installations have included Living Lantern by NEON, an oversized illuminated lantern symbolizing hope on Broadway in January 2023; Passage by Serge Maheu, an interactive art installation comprised of 20 circles of light that formed a pedestrian tunnel on Broadway in 2022; and Prismatica by RAW Design in collaboration with ATOMIC3, a series of multi-colored prisms that filled the plazas with reflections and musical sounds in 2021. Sculptural installations have included works by renowned artists such as Chakaia Booker, Xin Song, Del Geist and Patricia Leighton, Kang Muxiang, Seward Johnson, Hacer, and Hung Yi.

Source: The Garment District Alliance

Del Geist

NYCDOT Art Program

Photos: Sabrina Eberhard for the Garment District Alliance

Del Geist’s “Cracked Ice“ on show at Manhattan’s Garment District.Del Geist’s “Cracked Ice“ on show at Manhattan’s Garment District.Del Geist.

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