Miscellaneous: news all around ornamental stone and rock

Many manufacturers of engineered stone have brought natural stone copies to the market. Photo from EuroCucine/Salone del Mobile 2022.Australia is the first country to announce a ban on engineered stones, due to health risks in cutting and handling the artificial material. The ban will start on July 1, 2024 in most states and territories, with people advised not to order any engineered stone after January 1, 2024. In California, the workplace-safety board announced a decision on emergency regulations to address the increase in silicosis among engineered-stone fabricators (1, 2).

Saudi Arabia 1: In October 2023, the excavation work for “The Line“ began. Researchers from the Complexity Science Hub in Vienna doubt that the superlative construction project will be a showcase for future cities.

Saudi Arabia 2: Riyadh will host the World Expo in 2030. The theme will be “The Era of Change: Together for a Foresighted Tomorrow”, it will take place from October 01, 2030 to March 31, 2031. The coming Expo will be held in Osaka under the motto “Designing Future Society for Our Lives.“ The last Expo took place 2020 in Dubai with the Theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.“

Smithsonian magazine tells the history of Carrara marble and comes to the modern question, “Can Robots Replace Michelangelo?“

Sydney Metro’s new Central Station by Woods Bagot has platforms clad with lit glass reinforced concrete (GRC) echoing the sandstone used in the original station above from 1906.

Scientific American has a report titled “Five of the Greatest Natural History Hoaxes of All Time“ (among them the Kensington Runestone or Toad in the Hole) and tells what made these historical forgeries successful.

Business Insider webpage knows five bathroom trends to become big next year and five that will be out.

A life-sized marble statue of Apollo was unearthed from an ancient spa in Tuscany already proven rich in Roman and Etruscan finds.

“Return the Parthenon marbles. The British Museum has too much stuff anyway“, Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins responds to the ongoing debate.

The Salone del Mobile, to be held in Milan April 16 – 21, 2024 will tell the story of the world of living and design in a contemporary narrative key through the “Behind the Doors“ web series and the “Design Forward“ podcast being full of stories, points of view and information.

 Italian Pibamarmi company has published <a href="https://www.pibamarmi.it/en/_30_285.htm#/"target="_blank">a short video</a> about the production of a table in black marble.Video of the month: Italian Pibamarmi company has published a short video about the production of a table in black marble with big side overhangs of the top.

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