“Perle“ (pearls) is the name of the new collection from fittings manufacturer Gessi with different types of marble and onyx

Gessi: Collection “Perle“ (pearls).

The motto of the design is “Haute Culture,“ but the design is simple and therefore effective

“Perle“ (pearls) is the name of the new collection from Italian company Gessi. The manufacturer of unusual bathroom fittings is known for choosing simple ideas from everyday life as the starting point for its designs: in the “HiFi“ collection, the controls or front surfaces of receivers, tuners and loudspeaker boxes were the inspiration, while in the “Rettangolo“ collection, the inspiration is simple rectangles. You can have fun and call up the names of the collections on the company’s website under “Products“ and think about how you would translate these themes into objects for the bathroom.

So now it is all about pearls, the classic element from the world of jewelry. The designers at Gessi have chosen the spherical shape and used three materials, including various types of natural stone, to create these real jewels for the bathroom.

“Haute Culture“ is the motto of the design, a play on words with haute couture from the world of fashion. However, this should not be taken literally at Gessi – the company’s design is plain and simple, and therefore effective.

Gessi: Collection “Perle“ (pearls).

Stone types such as Nero Portoro, Forest Brown, and Emperador Dark, which have long been popular in exclusive bathrooms, are used. There are also variants of onyx such as White Onyx or Iranian Green, which enchant with their colors and textures.

Other materials include metal and Murano glass.

A special effect of the bead collection is that they look like sculptures.

With the right lighting, as shown in the photos, they even appear to be suspended in space and time.

The designers have also played with the spherical shape itself. For example, the spout or part of the stem of the fitting is designed as a sphere or hemisphere.

There are numerous finishes for the material surfaces.

Spa Gessi was founded in 1992 by Umberto Gessi and his son Gian Luca. The company is based in the Alpine valley of Valesia in the Piedmont region. According to a press release, it now employs 1,000 people in over eighty countries and has twelve sales offices in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America.


Gessi: Collection “Perle“ (pearls).

(20.12.2023, USA: 12.20.2023)