Brazil’s stone exports 2023: by value -13.4% compared to the previous year, yet still above the magic US$ 1 billion mark

Quartzites are Brazil’s bestsellers, at the moment. The picture shows the “Infinity Blue” from Vioria Stone company, as presented  in our <a href=""target="_blank">STONE FINDER</a>.

Probably, also the other big export countries will have negative balance sheets in 2023, as one could already guess from the quarterly figures

Anyone who has been following the quarterly figures of the major natural stone exporting countries in 2023 could expect anything good for the annual balance sheets. Brazil is the first major player on the international stage to come out with its export statistics and confirms the worries. Below, we publish the press release from Brazilian Centrorochas association without comment. Later this year, when the figures for the other countries are also available, we will provide an overall analysis.

In a challenging scenario, the Brazilian natural stone industry recorded revenues of USD 1.11 billion in exports in 2023. The data is provided by the Brazilian Center of Natural Stone Exporters (Centrorochas). The figure reflects the resilience of the sector, which, after meeting pent-up demand in the post-pandemic period, keeps facing old problems such as logistical obstacles.

According to the president of Centrorochas, Tales Machado, the re-establishment of the segment as a consequence of the post-pandemic boom was expected. “Many economic segments suffered the impacts of the pandemic immediately. In the stone industry, I would venture to say it is happening now. What reassures us is that this effect is produced as the re-establishment of revenues to pre-Covid levels,” he explained.

According to the leader, even with the reduction in revenues compared to 2022, of 13.4%, the positive performance was still delivered, indicating the sector’s ability to overcome adversities. “Through ‘It’s Natural,’ we have been carrying out strategies for market expansion and we have been innovatively seeking a rapprochement with international stone specifiers,” he stated, referring to the sectorial project to promote Brazilian stones in the international market, developed by Centrorochas with support from ApexBrasil.

The actions confirmed for this year include the Brazilian participation in KBIS 2024, the main event for kitchen and bath design in North America, which will bring together over 49 thousand architects and designers from February 27 to 29, in Las Vegas. And Brazil will have a conceptual booth to promote its stones in the country that most imported its materials in 2023. The United States was the main destination for Brazilian natural stones, absorbing 54.7% of everything Brazil exported. China (15.4%), Italy (7.16%), Mexico (5.11%), and the United Kingdom (1.8%) follow.

Among exporting states, Espírito Santo stayed in the lead, with 82.24% of national shipments, followed by Minas Gerais (10.4%) and Ceará (3.16%).


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