(February 2011) Architectural open-door-night was held by the fair organizers of Bau Munich (January 17th to 22nd). Various tours included an architectural sightseeing in the city. A similar external program was organized by the Carrara Marmotec and the Cersaie in Bologna last year, as reported. This year counted 2058 exhibitors 530 of whom came from abroad, spread over a surface of 180,000 m².

The current issue of the Italian trade magazine „Marmomacchine“ deals with tax regulations in China and experience with subterranean mining. The bi-monthly magazine can be read free of charge on-line. Would-be subscribers simply e-mail their e-mail-address to the publishers to register (Mail).

„Lions Tigers and Walruses“ have a watchful eye on passers-by in Seattle, Washington according to David B William as recorded in his blog. With this he alludes to the myriad of stone animals figures to be found in and about the city’s buildings. William is also the author of „Stories in Stone: Travels Through Urban Geology“.

For bathmats in stone design, see Surfing Gecko.

An idea for a build-in bar at the home of a movie producer by US-based Stone-Pride.

How geological sites of interest could celebrate their anniversaries is demonstrated this year by the Colorado National Monument. The little noted sandstone monument was elevated to the position of a national monument 100 years ago. Officials hope to make the grade to National Park.

Video of the month: modern building?