(February 2011) An unusual quarry project by the Italian Henraux company in cooperation the Geotechnological centre of the university of Siena is in the making, according to a newsletter of the Versilia region (Italian). High in the Alpi Apuane behind Carrara a subterranean quarry is coming to life. The Geological Society of Italy presented a study at its Pisa congress recently.

Magnificent Tombs and gravestones historically served the purpose not only of marking the final resting place but also of heralding the deceased’s accomplishments. „Stayalive – create your digital eternity“ promises to keep registered user’s self-portraits and biographies alive for all eternity – digitally. For a mere 499.00 € this virtual repository promises „eternal“ access. The yearly fee is 19.90 €, or 9.90 € for a bibliographic decade.

Printing on stone, glass or wood is the specialty of Italian-based TCG company.

Slate tablets bearing the portrait of Robert Burns are on offer by the Scottish Just Slate company. The coasters were conceived for the occasion of the 250th birthday of the poet and as an event of „Homecoming Scotland“.

Video: Underwater sculpture park near Cancun, Mexico is completed and defines itself not only as an art work but also as an anchor for coral reefs and a new home to micro organisms. Corals create stone reefs over decades by piling their exoskeletons on those of deceased predecessors. Some mountain ranges are, in fact, pre-historic marine structures. This is true for the alpine Dolomites. Coral reefs are not only an occurrence found in warm climates near the water’s surface. They can be found in the ocean depths of the Atlantic as well.