Design: Class not mass

(February 2011) Chocolate-lovers visiting Singapore should make a point of visiting the Jewels Artisan Chocolate at the Orchard Central shopping mall, where Then Chui Foong creates true works of edible art. In an interview with CNN she described her credo: „I am interested in how chocolate can incorporate different flavours. I like experimenting with Asian influences, which adds an unconventional touch. I also enjoy the creative process, the fusion of food and art.”

Unfortunately luculent pleasures are not a fitting theme for a natural stone trade journal. Suffice it then to add that Then Chui Foong is Singapore’s first chocolatière, having learned the craft under the European masters, and that she stirs up a fresh batch of her tasty creation every day.

Let us now turn to the design of the shop, by Nota Design International using but a touch of marble. The stone used was Nero Marquina under the motto „quality, not quantity is important”.

The aim was to create an allusion to gems – after all the brand name is „Jewels“. Designers hope to make the process of creation tangible. The shape of the showcases is reminiscent of uncut crystals. Marble was used because it, too, has come a long way from the quarry to the finished, polished product. „It demonstrates the difficulties and challenge in the making of the chocolates“ according to Keat Ong, one of the designers next to Danny Goh and Patric Laureta. Architect was Hector Chia.

The 95 m² shop has three main functions: one can observe Then Chui Foong at work, enjoy scrumptious chocolates at one of the coffee tables and admire the tiny works of art which the chocolate artist creates daily.

To quote the artist: „Handmade chocolates are very smooth, easily melt in the mouth, and leave a lingering taste. They do not leave a trace of greasiness.”

Jewels Artisan Chocolate

Nota Design International

Photos: Nota Design International.