Reclaimed Collection from British Lapicida company: Walking on History

Lapicida: Reclaimed Collection.Lapicida: Reclaimed Collection.

Reused stone and terracotta tiles can tell the story how they came to their picturesque patina

Lapicida company located in Harrogate North Yorkshire, England, has sent us new information about its Reclaimed Collection:

With an unrivalled elegance and charm, genuine antique reclaimed stone floors bring not only timeless style to interiors, but also a story. Every reclaimed floor is completely unique, bearing the provenance of its origins and the patina of centuries of use.

Lapicida are specialists in sourcing and reclaiming stone from across the UK and Europe: From English sandstones and limestones to French terracotta, Lapicida reclaim only the best antique floors. Carefully salvaged from their original locations, the stones are packed and transported back to Lapicida’s Harrogate workshops, where they are inspected and cleaned by hand, transforming and repurposing them for modern interiors.

Lapicida: Reclaimed Collection.

Lapicida’s approach to reclaimed stone is unique, combining advanced machine technology with artisan craftmanship to transform random sized flags into uniform pieces to meet standard regulations whilst restoring and enhancing their original beauty. By reducing the thickness, reclaimed flags from Lapicida are lighter and easier to install, and are also suitable for use with underfloor heating systems.

Each stone displays rare characteristics and features, resulting from the natural aging process over centuries. As the antique floors are repurposed, they are an environmentally friendly choice, bringing style and sophistication to the home without using new resources.

Genuine reclaimed stone is priced from £354 per m². Genuine reclaimed terracotta from £234 per m².


Lapicida: Reclaimed Collection.

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