Design: modular systems for stone furniture

(February 2011) „Made in Bourgogne“ is the title of a yearly event to present local products form the French region of Burgundy. The recent past saw a presentation of natural stone among others. The sleepy town of Sainte-Colombe-en-Auxois (Côte-d’Or) was home to an exhibit showing designers’ prototypes produced in the region. The event was sponsored in part by the Association Pierre de Bourgogne.

Designer David des Moutis presented his modular system, a collection by the name of ILO is comprised of 7 disarmingly simple pieces which can be combined as vases of various shapes. His collection PLANT, stone base combined with a variety of wooden elements turns into a reception table, coat-tree, or even a multi-tiered shelf. The prototypes were produced by Scandola who also assisted in sponsoring the creation.

David des Moutis: ILO, PLANT

UBU Collection is the name Yvan Baudoin gave his seating furniture. The name is derived from Alfred Jarry’s roly-poly King Ubu reflected in the seats and tables of Baudoin’s collection. For those who dislike sitting on cold stone but do not wish to constantly pad their seats with a buffering cushion, a pedestal under the seat provides space for a candle to heat the stone.

Yvan Baudoin: 1, 2

The bridge between tradition and future defines Charles Zanon’s works. He made first contact with the handicraft of stonemasonry through his grandfather and later finished the „Tour de France” which takes rookies through various production sites distributed across France. Inspired by classical and natural forms he then transforms them with the help of modern technology. The photos show his bench „Le Poète“ („The Poet“) as well as his tables „Enfantement“ („Birth“) and „Éclat“ („Sliver“).

Charles Zanon

Benches in a combination of wood and natural stone were designed and created by students of the Paris-based École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD). One is called „Porte à faux“ („Overhang“), the other „Histoire du Château“ („History of a castle“). Students are currently developing their ideas for wooden benches. Prototypes were produced by Lithias company specialized in historic and new design in stone.


Gabion ideas developed by Pierre Mureuse de Bourgogne.