Marble ROSA PORTUGAL, one of the country’s best-known stones, under the name of Estremoz Marble included in the list of Geoheritage Stones

Marble Rosa Portugal.

Name of the stone: Rosa Portugal

Stone type: Marble

Color: Pink

Quarry location: Alentejo

Carla Lavatelli: “Elisse Rosa“. Photo: Carlo Herrmann / Wikimedia Commons

Description of the stone: The Rosa Portugal marble is the country’s best-known stone. It is a calcitic medium-grained marble with a light pink tone and small whitish to brownish veins.

Peculiarities of the stone: It is found only in a small triangle between the cities of Borba, Estremoz, and Vila Viçosa in the Alentejo region. Since Roman times, it has been quarried and brought to the markets with many different names, like Rosa El-Rei, Rosa Venado, Rosa Salmao, Ruivina, Pele de Tigre, or Estremoz Marble, just to name a few. Under the name of Estremoz Marble, it is one of Portugal’s Geoheritage Stones – materials with many colors that played and still play an important role worldwide in architecture, art and culture.

The Palace in Vila Viçosa with a façade of 110 m length clad with three different marbles from the region, among them the pink variety. Source: Alvesgaspar / Wikimedia Commons

Application: inside and outside for floors, walls, façades, sculptures

Finishes: polished, honed, sandblasted, bushhammered, and many others


Frost resistant: No

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