Miscellaneous: news all around ornamental stone and rock

Table „Avar“ by Bernhard Müller.German designer Bernhard Müller characterizes his work as “timeless and minimalist.“ He founded the Hamburg-based Studio [more] in 1993. One of his latest works is the “Avar“ table with the letter A as supports and a wooden top. “The construction of the marble feet, each consisting of two elements, is reminiscent of overlying layers of rock in the mountains,“ he writes on his website.

China, Spain, and Portugal are the main target for Angola’s stone exports (Portuguese).

Italy 1: The Italian Stone Association Confindustria Marmomacchine has joined the Federcostruzioni Association representing the construction business in the country (Italian 1, 2).

Italy 2: Projects related to circular economy in the stone sector are in the focus of a cooperation between the University of Verona and the International Marble Institute (ISIM), a non-profit training and research organization connected to Confindustria Marmomacchine. The aim is to strengthen the international orientation of the companies in the region.

The major fire that largely destroyed a residential complex with 138 apartments in the Spanish city of Valencia at the end of February 2024 was probably caused by polyurethane as insulating material in the ventilated facade. This was stated by Esther Puchades, Vice President of the College of Industrial Technical Engineers of Valencia, in an interview. Although the material was banned after a devastating fire in London, it was still permitted when the building in Valencia was erected. At least 13 people were injured, including 6 firefighters (Spanish 1, video).

Norway’s parliament gives green light for controversial deep-sea mining.

“Weaving Abstraction in Ancient and Modern Art,“ is the title of an exhibition at the MET Museum in New York until June 16, 2024. Some of the features might inspire stone designers.

Video of the month: In Iceland, scientists plan to drill directly into a magma chamber as part of the IDDP project (Iceland Deep Drilling Project). The aim is to explore the liquid rock and the extraction of energy. The location is Krafla, a volcanic system that stretches for around 100 km directly above the mid-Atlantic ridge in the north of the island. The 2nd video reports mainly on the special challenges involved in drilling at depths of 4-5 km. As a reminder: the hard crust around our planet is between five and 50 km thick.

(15.03.2024, USA: 03.15.2024)