Xiamen Stone Fair 2024 (2): as many visitors as before the Covid pandemic and a record in terms of exhibition space with two new halls

For the Year of the Dragon 2024, the mythological beast was shown as a natural stonework at some stands.

In its 24th edition, the industry show once again presented itself as a hub for all aspects of the natural stone sector

The big novelty of the Xiamen Stone Fair 2024 (March 16 – 19) was Hall D: located across the multi-lane Huizhan Road from the exhibition grounds, it hosted the design exhibitions “Habitat Design and Life Festival“ and “Stone Infinite.“ After several years, both have become trademarks of the industry show: they bring numerous designers and interior architects closer to natural stone by presenting special designs with the material.

As a result, the exhibition area of this 24th Xiamen Stone Fair grew to a total of 191,000 m² (2019: 180,000 m²) in 25 halls. In addition to Hall D, there was a further expansion of the area, namely on the opposite side of the site with the soup bowl: the Xiamen Strait Grand Theater had been converted into an additional exhibition hall under the name B9. Behind the stands with saw blades and other tools, the rows of spectators covered by tarpaulins were a cute sight.

As far as the design of the stands was concerned, there was the usual eye-catching staging of the large companies. However, luxurious opulence is rather rare.

Among the exhibitors, 350 came from abroad.

However, the total number of exhibitors before Covid has not yet been reached again.

With 151,845 visits, the pre-Covid figure (2018: 150.520) was even slightly exceeded. There was a large increase in visitors from China. India and Russia achieved the largest increases in foreign visitors. In total, guests came from 120 countries.

As usual, some of the major exporting countries organized joint stands, including Turkey, Brazil, Italy, Egypt, Portugal, Iran and Pakistan.

Several industrial clusters from China had organized delegations, including Guizhou province, Laizhou city in Shandong province, Sui County and Macheng in Hubei province, Jiaohe city in Jilin province, and Taiwan.

Title of the event in solid granite at Huizhan Road.Title of the event in solid granite at Huizhan Road.

To further increase the numbers, the fair plans to expand its marketing in Europe,
Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore). “The results will be even better in 2025,“ says Marsha Tsai from the organizing team.

For some years now, the trade fair has developed a profile as a hub for all topics in the industry:
* the theme of the Habitat Design and Life Festival was “To Activate.“ Ten designers (Steve Leung, Kinney Chan, TT. Tang, Joey Ho, Louis Liou, Xie Hui, Sunshine Wong, Sky Guan, Zhao Rui and Nick) worked with companies to design individual spaces.
* In the 6th edition of Stone Infinte, the focus was on the broad field of using natural stone, for example in bathrooms or for everyday objects. The eight designers were: DAI Kun, HUANG Quan, LI Daode, LIANG Jianguo, MENG Ye, PANG Xi, SUN Jianhua and ZENG Jianlong.
* The Natural Stone Varieties Collection took place for the 3rd time and this time offered exhibitors the opportunity to present their varieties in the form of a sample show in Hall A1. Each sample was accompanied by the respective stand number and the QR code with the company’s link.
* Launch Out @XSF – New Product Releasing offered companies the opportunity to present (in Chinese) their new developments in technology and tools.
* The World Stone Congress included presentations (mostly in Chinese) on current industry topics and information. The topics and speakers of the presentations in English with simultaneous translation were:
– “U.S. Market and the Position of China Now and in the Near Future,“ Emerson Schwartzkopf, editor/publisher, Stone Update (USA),
– “The Current Business Model in the Stone Industry is Outdated. What could be the New One,“ Anel Taneja, director LITOSonline (ESP),
– “Architects Thinking on Colors, Patterns and Applications in Natural Stone,“ eng. Paolo Florio Giaforov, president DGG Stones (BRA),
– “Solid Construction With Stone. Rediscovering the Ancient Building Ideas Behind Monuments Like the Chinese Wall,“ Peter Becker, Stone-Ideas.com (GER),
– “Stone Design – How to Select the ‘Right’ Stone for a Project,“ Vincenzo Spina (ITA), senior consultant Stonex Consulting,
– “Design & Quality With a Sustainable Choice of Natural Stone,“ Susan Moser, CEO/naturalstone expert, Fauske Marble by Moser (DKN, NOR),
– “Stone – A Natural Vocabulary in the Himalayan Built Projects, Sacred Vision for the Himalayan Region“, Sarosh Pradhan, principal architect Sarosh Pradhan & associates (NEP).

While the theme of this fair edition was “Say Hi,“ next year it will be “Unleash” (in the sense of: mobilizing the forces of the stone sector).

Xiamen Stone Fair 2025, March 16 – 19

We definitely have to mention the dance presentations for selected guests as part of the opening banquet. The following link shows something similar. Title: The Story of a Legendary Landscape Painting:

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