New in our Stone Finder: TUNDRA GREY, a marble with wispy veins resembling soft clouds drifting across a surface, quarried by Decina Industrial Holding in South-Western China

Tundra Grey marble.

Name of the stone: Tundra Grey

Stone type: Marble

Color: Grey, with white veins

Quarry location: Guizhou, China

Tundra Grey marble.

Description of the stone: Tundra Grey marble is renowned for its striking appearance, featuring a predominantly white background with delicate, wispy veins in shades of grey and beige. The veins resemble soft clouds drifting across a surface, giving it a unique sense of movement and depth.

Peculiarities of the stone: Tundra Grey marble is a popular choice for high-end interior design projects, particularly in spaces where a sense of sophistication and luxury is desired.

Tundra Grey marble.

Application: kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and entryways

Finishes: Polished

Frost resistant:

Tundra Grey marble.

Company: Guangdong Decina Industrial Holding Ltd was founded in 2023 after our core team had accumulated experiences and resources in the natural stone industry over decades. The company is now an integrated global corporation of natural stone trade, covering all aspects, including quarry investment, extracting, slabs and tiles processing, and more. Decina has full control of 25 quarries in China and Tanzania, and more are in the work. With other owned production assets such as warehouses and factories, it is proud of its capacity to provide a steady supply of premium natural stone.

Contact: Room 204, Building 28, Gongmei Port IDIC, Haizhu Dist., Guangzhou, China
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Tundra Grey marble.