New in our Stone Finder: YELLOWSTONE ROCK, an American travertine quarried in Idaho, next to the National Park, by the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians

Continental Buff, Vein Cut, Sandblasted, Unfilled.

Name of the stone: Yellowstone Rock

Stone type: travertine

Color: beige/buff, from near-white to creamy beige, warm light gray, and sometimes a pink touch

Quarry location: Idaho Falls in Idaho, next to the Yellowstone National Park, USA

Description of the stone: The stone in the varieties Continental Buff, Yellowstone Frost, Yellowstone Rose, and Ivory has harmonious colors. Like all the travertines, is has layers and little “holes“ that can be filled. Yet in the case of the Yellowstone Rock, the natural porosity is very low giving the stone a higher density and a smoother look. Depending on how the raw blocks are cut, the stone reveals wavy layers.

Continental Buff, Vein Cut, Honed, Filled.Continental Buff, Cleft.

Peculiarities of the stone: Travertine was created millions of years ago in volcanic regions when hot water with dissolved minerals (in this case, Calcium Carbonate) came up from the depth and lost this inorganic freight at the surface. Again, over a long time, the minerals turned into stone, the travertine named after the Latin word “lapis tiburtinus“ (stone from Tivoli).
Application: indoor, outdoor, even in cold climates, buildings, monuments, custom-created art-pieces

Finishes: honed, polished, antiqued, leathered, sandblasted, sawn, bush hammered, cleft, splitface, scratch, all filled or unfilled

Frost resistant: Yes

Potter County Courthouse, Amarillo, Texas. Photo: Xnatedawgx / Wikimedia Commons

Company: Yellowstone Rock company, formerly known as Idaho Travertine, is based in Idaho Falls, ID. Under the new ownership of the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians, the company is in the process of expanding production and quarrying capacities. At the moment, two quarries are in operation, producing four color variations of travertine. Additional quarries with more colors and standardized products will soon be opened.

Contact: Justin Lindblad, Director of Sales
Tel: +1 702 280-6657

Technical Data:
Absorption (ASTM C97): .79 %
Density (ASTM C97): 156.1 lb/ft³
Compressive Strength (ASTM C170): 13,840 PSI
Modulus of Rupture: 1,490 PSI